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We have spent most of our adults lives caring for others, in our role as a mum.

At first we make sure that weight was gained, that our babies slept and pooped OK.
We gave them opportunities to learn and explore, all the while keeping them safe and well.
Many of us helped out at school, making sure everyone had what they needed, sometimes at our own expense, but it wasn’t a sacrifice, just simply our priorities were to create a loving nurturing home and community for our family.

I bet your kids are pretty cool.

I bet you are as proud as punch about how they are turning out. Those kids of yours are becoming pretty terrific human beans.

That has happened because of the choices you make throughout the years as a mum.

Now, go look in the mirror. Are you as proud as punch by what you see?


If you close your eyes, imagine what your life will look like in ten years if life continues on as it is now, are you feeling happy about how you’ll be entering your retirement years?

Your health. Your wealth status.

Are they on track to enter your golden years with a shiny bright mind, body and bank account?

If you answered no, and you’d like things to be different, you are in the perfect place.

Healthy Wealthy Mums can have you on the right track to experience a wonderful life.
One that suits you to a T.


I’LL LET YOU IN ON A SECRET. It’s simple, but profound.

Just by being conscious of your choices. Those little choices you make on a daily basis will snowball to create a result. It’s not just about what you eat and what you buy, though this is a major factor – but the underlying choice that makes the biggest difference is the choice about how we choose to feel.

How we feel and react to things and situations.

How we feel and react to what others say and what we presume they think.

How we feel about where and how we live.

How we feel and react to the consequences of our choices to either take action or withdraw – those very subtle reactions will add or melt the snowball.


Habits become ingrained over the years, we find ourselves automatically reacting to stimuli – words, feeling, sensations etc.

We can change those with our breath.

Seriously. The kids or someone is ticking you off and your habit is to react with first an internal dialogue “No one listens to me around here!!!” and instantly your body and brain processes that as “Well that’s not how I deserve to be treated” and your defences kick in and a dragon appears to breathe fire on those who do not step up into your plan of action. You yell or scream, or go silent and deadly, and the “I’m pissed off” dialogue rolls around with a whole lot of justification for your behaviour to back you up.

The reaction to YOUR behaviour is for others to jump up out of fear, but they’ll internally be recoiling from you and set their own internal dialogue in motion and the habit / pattern continues. Often through to the next generation. The fall out of a repeating that type of scenario can be catastrophic in the long term.

It can be reversed though.

The next time you are confronted with that scenario (hey we all have teenagers and there are reasons they behave in ways that frustrate us, which I’ll get to in a blog post) – try breathing first.

Choosing to Breathe is the one action that you can do that will empower you.

It stills the monkey mind, the auto response – channels oxygen into your system, gives you a moment to look at the situation differently, sends lovely relaxation hormones / chemicals through your system rather than the fear, protection and fiery ones.

In that moment of breathing – ask yourself – What do I want to have happen? What result do I want to gain?

Then looking at your options of YOUR behaviour – ask yourself this simple question that will guide you to success in your life –


That question will help you to focus on your long term goal in moments of reactive behaviour and indecision.

What, overall, do you want to achieve in life?
How do you want your life to look?

Asking that one question will help you divert your behaviour and your choices towards the healthy wealthy life you really want, rather than the short term gain.

If you ask people to do things in a gentle but firm manner, you’ll gain their confidence, you’ll gain their respect – and you will gain what you desire. Without coming across like a screaming raging banshee.

First you make the decision. Then you make the choices to back it up.

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