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The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

Our world is just how we created it, through choice.

I’m sure there are times in your life where you made some pretty significant choices that let you to where you are now. Some you will be grateful for, others not so much.

Even those times when life served up a bitter pill – we still had a choice – in how we reacted and overcome it or delved into it and later released it – or there may be still things we are holding onto.

Reflection is something that is coming up more and more for me and those around me, as we reach an ‘age’. It’s like we are wanting to declutter our thoughts & feelings, our bodies and homes as we enter a new phase of life.

This afternoon my husband reminded me of something I experienced long before we met, I thought I had released all those old memories, but some feelings came up as fresh as a daisy. They were constrictive and made me feel like withdrawing immediately.

Great timing, we were about to enter the shops and I had tears streaming down my face – they’d come from nowhere. But through practice of over 30 years, they disappeared by the time I found a parking spot!

Those choices shape our lives even when, like me, you don’t want to admit it.

Sometimes it feels like you are giving power to the past. We may not be able to alter the past experience, but we can alter our reaction and perspective, and learn from them.

Think about the good experiences you have had, your accomplishments, those fabulous memories that make you breathe in deep and remind you that it feels good to be alive. You keep those memories and experiences because they reward you in some way.

The experiences we would prefer to forget can do the same.

It takes some work, a safe place to think it out. But seriously – they can uplift you. Not because you ‘got through it’, ‘survived’ or whatever description you care to use.

But by being honest with yourself. Honest about your experiences. No one else matters, but you and your perception of it. Don’t be afraid of them. Don’t shy away. If you leave it hidden, they’ll hold you back. As you discover the power of choice, those old memories – the good, the bad and the downright ugly will come to the surface for you to consider whether they need to be held onto any longer.

Be kind to yourself when your past choices may cause you embarrassment.
They once served a purpose.

Be understanding when your past choices may cause you to feel shame.
They once served, most likely to protect you in some way.

Be brave when your past choices served to hold you back from a dream,
consider if those same reasons that shaped your past apply in the present.

And revel in those past choices that brought you joy, happiness, contentment and a sense of satisfaction, and embrace them for how they brought you forward in life.

As we get older, whether it’s purely reflection on the past as we have a plethora of memories filling our brains and more to look at, or it could be that as we reach our menopause years that we look around to consider if we are, or have experienced everything we want in life, those old experiences are going to come to light at some point.

Free yourself from your past experiences, through choosing your future path.

Your Power of Choice is always with you.

And the Power of Forgiveness is at it’s peak when we gently apply it to ourselves.

Here’s to a bright shiny and rewarding future. If you dare to choose it.