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The Ultimate Menopause Makeover


The Healthy Wealthy Mums


Life Program ….


It’s a Game Changer!

Inside, learn the secrets to turning your muffin top and mood swings into a life of confidence and clarity!

Step Away From The Tears and Tantrums and Learn How To Manage Those Menopause Moments To Your Benefit!

You will see first hand how you can make changes permanent! 

No more going back to disappointment, No more going back to your comfy pants, No more going back to ‘almost’!

This unique program

reveals the missing pieces of your life puzzle

& WHY….


You are feeling stuck and dissatisfied

Your weight isn’t budging

Your finances are frustrating you

 You feel like you have lost your identity

Just when life was falling into place, you were enjoying your weekends and your work was fulfilling, it’s like everything has been up ended.
But it’s relatively easy to get things moving in the direction you want again. Pop your details in over there and discover how.  


Well, Hello Gorgeous.

My name is Marina.

Over the next six weeks (Feb, March) I’ll be undertaking the

Healthy Wealthy Mums Life Program.

I’d love for you to join me and take a peek,

so you can discover how easy it is

to make those changes you’ve been thinking about

for a very long time.

Menopause is the perfect time to give your life a makeover.

Pop your details in the orange email box and I’ll spill the beans.

There are no shakes, bootcamps, or budgets to follow.

Like me, you already know what you have to do.

But you haven’t been doing it.

And I know why. And what you can do about it. AND share the one question that you can use to change your life from today.

So sign up, discover how to make permanent,

wonderful changes in your life and

learn how to experience menopause with

grace, ease and a whole lot of joy!